Perhaps you’re wondering what “It” is.

The center or focus of Living It Now is God’s Word.

“It” is what really matters. “It” is the Word we need to hear today above all the other noise.

Let’s face it our world – our life – is full of words. Words are all around us. Words may be shouted, spoken or whispered. Sometimes words take on melody inviting us to sing along. Words printed in wide variety of fonts, sizes and colors try to try to capture our attention to communicate. Even when limited to 140 characters or less, the Internet overflows with words.

Words race through our minds; although silent to others, our countless words of self talk never end. From these words within us we express ourselves to the world. Sometimes without thinking and even when no one is listening we continue to pour out words, words, words.

But God’s Word is not like all the words and chatter that surround us. God’s Word is living and active. God’s Word is powerful, relevant and timely. God’s Word endures.

“It” is what really matters. “It” is the Word we need to hear today above all the other noise.

Whether you are trying to put God’s Word at the center of your life or not, Living It Now implies two things about “It.”

First, Living It Now means trying to apply God’s Word in our day-to-day lives. If God’s Word is true we cannot listen passively, but must listen attentively to what God is saying. Put simply, I have not truly heard “It” as God’s Word until I listen and OBEY.

Second, Living It Now accepts God’s Word as timely. God is eternal, without beginning or end. And the Word of God likewise endures. If “It” is truly God’s Word, then “It” does not diminish in power or authority. “It” is never an empty or meaningless Word because God never speaks just to hear Himself talk. I may not always understand “It” but God’s Word is given to accomplish His plan and purpose in my life, in your life, and in our world today. When we truly listen, we discover “It” is for NOW, this moment.

I invite you to join me Living It Now.

Understanding and Knowing

Sunrise over the Sea of Galilee – Tiberias Israel

How often do we read the pages of scripture but miss what it is saying. For instance how many times have I skimmed through genealogies filled with names of people I did not know and often could not pronounce. Nothing important here; let’s get through this to the good stuff right?

If we would only take the time to get to know some of these strangers to us, we would discover some hidden truth God wants to reveal to us today. One example is the men of Issachar.